fredag 26. april 2013

"Riding vintage" blog

Panhead Jim is one of those great guys I have met trough the www. He is running a blog well worth to visit if your into Harley history;


How long was Abraham in Paradise?

Not much blogging lately, need to make a brief update on what is going on in the AMcN world.

Bessie was pulled out of the workshop last Wednesday to get her first ride, sun shined and spirit was high. Rode down the road for a mile, Iieeeiikk-klunk!!!!!!
She stopped, no wonder, the old girl suffered from one bent original oversize inlet valve as my vendor who did lap the inlet valve guides did not measure the correct play!

Damned, F#¤%&/k and more. I pushed Bessie home by my own force, all the way. Did I get sweaty? You bet, anger give a lot of strength.

As the oversize inlet valves are obsolete (almost, one vendor makes them still, but I dont trust the quality) I called Charlie Karling in Sweden for help. He made me a new based on a shovelhead valve. Now I`m just begging the postal system will bring it too my door eventually!

In the mean time I have been playing with Peggy`s sportster, making a rear rack and a front mudguard, by the way I made a rear rack for Bessie too. They look great when made in seamless stainless tubing.

Got a pair of tail gunners, repop ones from e-bay. As they where not the ones made by Panhead Paul at Greenwoods antique motorcycle restoration who is the one that once made the die cast lamps as well as the bezels, lenses and bulb sockets offered on e-bay, his bezels didnt fit.
OK, action time as I now had to make tools to press a couple of bezels in stainless. They turned out looking great when all polished and fitted.
Its really cool to see how a piece of stainless can be restructured by adding some tons of pressure, be sure you add some animal grease to the tools before starting, you will find out why if not so:-)

Have there been any riding yet?

Hardly so, the winter seems to never let go this year. Used a couple of days lately moving a bunch of snow away to speed up the melting process around my home.
OK, I have had a couple of great rides on my "not so dirty nine", still loads of snow along the roads even if the roads are now clear.

Henderson, I`m still waiting for the revised magneto to arrive. Bobber, still not quite ready yet neither!

Those who claim one motorcycle is enough, I consider the theory might be correct!

Pics to illustrate those words will follow shortly.

Folks, happy spring to all, ride as if your bike (s) is stolen!

Panhead oh Panhead

 Peggy`s sportster

 Bessie got a luggage rack for this summer events
 Tailgunner bezels

 On the road again

fredag 12. april 2013

Early 45" / 750 cc gearbox housing

My friend Sigurd need a new gearbox housing for his all original 1935 45" model R. Checking trough my stash I found at least one that seem to be correct?

Any one know?