søndag 25. januar 2015

The AMcN Felix logo is getting popular!

The above sticker have been the AMcN logo for 6 years now, and the AMcN sticker have ended up quite a few places worldwide.

My friend Asle in Bergen just made me aware of a new helmet presented recently by DMD in Italy.
Make me feel proud.

Shouldnt there been a free AMcN sticker to follow each helmet??

fredag 23. januar 2015

Californian cutdowns

I have been very much in a cutdown mood lately, especially since I got to read the last issue of the Machine files. Its an entire issue covering the theme "Cutdowns", words by Paul Young "The Vintagent" and some stunning photos of a 1928 JDH Sam Oppie built bike.
Not a replica, no the real deal built in the thirties to keep them early model Knuckles behind in the gravel dust.
My good friend Perry sent me a link to a database on the www containing a bunch of old motorcycle photos.
Among them I found two very very cool pictures showing California built Harley J model cutdowns, both pictured in 1934.
One of the bikes have taken a hit to the rear, ouch, lets just hope it got repaired.
The bike with the damage have a very cool detail, side mounted licence plate years and years before the choppers where even thought about (and they do often sport side mounted plates, dont they?)

Spare spark plug holder for the cutdown.

A couple of years ago I got two aluminum spare spark plug holders from Tom in Japan. They where both pretty fresh from the foundry.
One was fitted to my Panhead girl Bessie, the other have been on the shelf since then.
I just whilst working with the cut down project, came to think that it would be a cool accessory on that bike too.
Had to drill and thread for 18mm spark plugs, no problem as long as one is careful.

mandag 19. januar 2015

On a toolbox in Montana

Want to share with you some nice pics I got from Ray in Montana.

Ray and his WLA.

This is Ray`s daily ride, a  WL 45" special. I really like this machine. It appears sporty as if British, but with that HD engine the good sound is assured and it is still got a Harley soul.

An AMcN sticker found its way to Montana, good to see it is in good company!!

torsdag 8. januar 2015