fredag 23. januar 2015

Californian cutdowns

I have been very much in a cutdown mood lately, especially since I got to read the last issue of the Machine files. Its an entire issue covering the theme "Cutdowns", words by Paul Young "The Vintagent" and some stunning photos of a 1928 JDH Sam Oppie built bike.
Not a replica, no the real deal built in the thirties to keep them early model Knuckles behind in the gravel dust.
My good friend Perry sent me a link to a database on the www containing a bunch of old motorcycle photos.
Among them I found two very very cool pictures showing California built Harley J model cutdowns, both pictured in 1934.
One of the bikes have taken a hit to the rear, ouch, lets just hope it got repaired.
The bike with the damage have a very cool detail, side mounted licence plate years and years before the choppers where even thought about (and they do often sport side mounted plates, dont they?)

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