tirsdag 4. august 2020

Pics from Yesterdaze

Just another batch of great motorbike related pics from years since long gone by, enjoy.

You know you have a problem when.....   This is actually a pretty rare machine, 1925ìsh Indian Prince

A mighty THOR V-twin and Norwegian country roads, unbeatable.

A happy group of people enjoying the sport of motorcycle riding, from left Indian PP, Harley Davidson 61" IOE, Harley Davidson Silent Grey Fellow 1915 and one big inch flatty from Reading Standard.

No problem to be cool when you can bring your gal on a ride with this Indian outfit.

You got to love those late thirties Chief`s, what great bikes they are.

Nearly a car, well I wish I would have had the chance to try one of those Ner - a - Car`s to see how they act with hub steering and feet forward!

Another pic of that great Reading Standard shown in the earlier pic. The dress code on the riders is pretty posh!

Bike and babes - three of the later.

You might think all early Harley`s in Norway where the same boring green when delivered from Sørensen & Balchen, not so. The bikes used by our postal service where delivered in red colors, dark red as the mailbox.

Early Cleveland two stroke, a popular machine even with its odd solutions to the engine and gearbox.