lørdag 19. juni 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

OK, I cant keep these photos by my self no more.
This is what must have been Norways toughest hotrod cutdown/racing Harley Davidson, ever. This bike is just one thing, mean.
I have found loads of pictures trough the years but hardly any racing pictures and in most races there are mostly just some ordinary bikes beeing slightly modified for the weekends race for later to drive home with headlight back on.

This is different, a Harley Keystone frame where you can easily see the front down tube is modified to lower the centre of gravity. Scissors friction dampner on the front fork suspension to keep the front wheel traction as well as there is added a steering dampner to keep it straight at high speeds.
Oil pump for extra oil to the cranck is on the outside of the fueltank, racing style!
Roadster handlebars, whoever made those did a hell of a job.
I just wish there was a photo from the engines timing side, I want this beast to be a twincam too.

And the rider, slick, he knows he have the best bike and is the best driver.
Even the tie looks as if just beeing ironed.

As is I`m working on getting info on this guy, any help would be apprechiated.

Check out his riding style trough the curve, this guys knows how to handle a curve.

How on earth does he manage to get the cap staying on?

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