torsdag 9. september 2010


Having spent the last week bedside at the hospital with my seriously ill grand daughter at age 7 you realise there is more to life than American made Motorcycles. There is sure time to think when there is nothing you can do what ever skills you have in restoring ol iron, time to think on what is important in life after all and whats not.

Made me remember this old chap at Davenport last year selling off to get a surgery for his seriously ill grand child, realising he could live without his motorbikes.

I don`t have to sell off any, but I sure would have done too if it would make the difference.

Just my thoughts for this post.

3 kommentarer:

  1. There's nothing more important than the love ones around us and we all know where you are wanting to take your grand daughters pain away to see her happy again.

    Hope she makes a speedy recovery...

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment, :-)


  3. I hope she gets better soon - sometime we get lost in our vintage bike addictions .... we loose perspective on the things most important... It can't be compared to familay!!