fredag 29. juli 2011

Wauseon AMCA meet, celebrating the Henderson & more

Finally back home from the US having been overseas for almost two weeks. What a great time we had at Wauseon thanks to a well organised meet at a great location and the bunch of friendly guys and girls we spent our time with whilst there.
Some friends whom we knew from before, some we knew from the internet and many new we learned to know trough the weekend.

I brought a long list of names whom I where to meet at various locations to shake hands and / or get parts, I managed to see everyone on that list.
Arriving Thursday early afternoon was great, lots of vendors, bikes and campers allready on the scene.
We soon found our friends from the Roadweasels, those guys and girls are the nicest people.
Running into Fritz and Paul Thursday evening was great too, we always appreciate their company.
Getting together with the Henderson owners was another great experience that started Thursday and kept on trough the entire weekend. It`s great talking to all those experienced guys working with Hendersons, next time I need to bring a tape recorder to be able to memorise it all.

Friday was race day, we spent that in the pits with our new friend Jeff aka "Mr. Knucklebuster". We did our best in transfering our positive vibrations for Jeff to gain success when racing his 45" HD in the handshifter class. He is the one to tell if we succeeded.

Beeing able to take Dave`s super hot 28 Henderson De-luxe for a spin needs to be mentioned, what a bike and this is getting used, for real. I normally dont borrow a bike, this one I could not resist.

Saturday was swapmeet day and more talk, talk, talk. To become familiar with Al Knapp at age 88, a true American Racer and a legend from the fourties and fifities when roaring the tracks with his WR`s was unforgettable. Listening to his tales from inside the factory race department was like a travel in time, for real.
Thanks a lot to Fritz for letting me come along.

The swapmeet was huge, more than 500 vendors its amazing. As a positive change from our local swapmeets there are none of the baloon & candy sellers, not a single one. Motorcycle parts or related only. I had no chance ever in getting trough the vast number of stuff for sale, running into far to much peoples to catch up with.

Sunday was some more swapmeet, you never know do you? Then time to say god bye and we allready started looking forward to next time, maybe Oley in Pa?

Øyunn beeing the AMcN photographer took such a huge number of great photos its hard to pick the best ones for my blog. I will at least give it a try.

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