onsdag 6. juli 2011

Back shore

I`ve got my ol feets back on steady ground, will not even consider leaving the rig a thought the entire leave. Got a nice ride with my thrusty 45" bobber today, day started with pissing rain but turned out with sun getting close to evening. Went up the valleys as I realised this was first Wednesday in July, and I have now finally learned that a lot of local bike owners meet every first Wednesday in the month at a remote Cafe an hours drive from Kristiansand (nearby town). I soon got behind some modern Jap bikes whoms speed didnt impress me much. OK, as normal they suddenly became aware of my existence behind, most likely because of my wide open exhaust rather than by looking in the mirror.
Common thought is; OK better get away from this old bike moron, NOT.
I`m childish, I easily admit to, but there is nothing like stepping the tail on some Japanese bike owners trying to go fast on the narrow curvy roads up the valley, I LOVE THAT!!
Drove for a couple of hours, stopping at a small lake to have a swim before reaching back home, life is not to bad after all.

A couple of weeks ago having just parked my Henderson after an evening spin this Car stopped by my fence.
old guy came over and asked if my bike was a Henderson. OK, this guy know a Henderson from a Tempo! My antennas started to extend.
Turned out this chap rode Indians in his youth and he had lot of knowledge in what bikes had been where during the 50-60`s in my area.
Talked on my interest in photos of old bikes and he went home to fetch an Indian photo from back then, cool.
What is even more interesting is I know where this Army Scout is resting, waiting for a new start whenever its owner trough the last 40 years realise he will never breath life to it. We can wait, we are even god at it.

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