fredag 2. mai 2014

Frame progress

Finally I found time to continue working on the cutdown frame. As the lower tubes in the rear frame would become too short after moving the rear wheel lugs, I had to get hold of some quality seamless hydraulic tubing, with 2 mm wall thickness to replace the original 7/8" pipes.
Not so easy, most local hydraulic companies supply to offshore and hence use stainless tubing only.
To get rid of the two pieces of pipe stuck in the frame center casting was a story in itself, but they finally came out.

Brought the frame and jig in my "frame mobil" to my buddy Erik`s workshop to get help with bending the new tubes to fit relocated castings.
Lots of fiddling to get this done, but as long as Erik is in control of the torch success is granted.

Now it is just some brazing left and voila the cutdown frame is ready.

Then of course I need to shorten four fork legs, but that is just another challenge.

Stay tuned.

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