mandag 26. august 2019

AMCA Europe meet in Raalte - Holland.

The AMCA meet in Raalte took place in the end of May. This was such a great event. A place to meet our European AMCA friends in a very nice atmosphere around Max Middelboch`s American Motorcycle Museum.
The theme this year was ACE motorcycles. A total of 12 std models and 3 Sport models had come, including Mimi Larsmoens old ACE that came along with owner Per Erik Ørfeldt OIsen all the way from Norway, how cool aint that?
I have added only one motorcycle picture in this report, the others show all those nice people that are a part of the AMCA Europe chapter

The official flyer.

Yours truly and the "boss"

Per Erik and Simon

Aldo Carrer, master of old motorcycle photos, check out his books!!

The famous Knucklehead drag rascer Norbert Mattis!!

Fritz and Paul.

Our Danish friends!

Mr. Two-cam Lars from Sweden.

Olivier - Knucklejunky no.1!

Mr. AMCA Europe Steve Slocombe

Klaudia & Norm

Paul and Øyunn

Eric "Beautyofspeed" show us some great motorcycle photos

Uwe, me after a few beers (dizzy) and fritz

Simon UK and Irish friend

Knuckleheads get together!

Søren & Olivier!

Finally I had the chance to meet Peter!

Øyunn in good company!

The ACE line up!!

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