søndag 24. april 2011

Its spring time, la la

Leaving offshore three weeks ago there was snow all over the place. Knee high outside my front door. What a reliefe to get back shore to find most off the winter have dissapeared, schwiiisch all long gone for this time (hopefully).
Eastern showed up with beautiful spring weather, cold but still sun. Air is bright like no time else during early spring, its a pleasure getting the bikes back on the road to collect some more mileage.

We got this idea a couple of days ago to ride to cape south, Lindesnes to check out what spring was like by the sea. Oh my what a dissapointment. Cape South showed up with sea-fog, cold as hell and we didnt even see the sea from a 10 meter distance. Based on this chilling experience we spent the rest of our driving up in the valleys, still snow along the roadside but after all the sun was making driving comfortable.

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