onsdag 11. mai 2011

Ekeberg spring swap 2011

I wonder, will I ever get tired from staying up late at night on Fridays hording boxes filled with other mans (and womens) trash, by occasion brought to a swap meet rather than a dumpster place, to try too sleep in an uncomfortable tent for a couple of hours to continue this frenetic hunt for a piece of unobtainium at 06.00 in the morning, dusk, moist and cold as hell.

Well for one god reason, I dont feel as alone in beeing a parts hunting moron working with old bikes after a weekend at Ekeberg swapmeet. Other misfits like myself come from all over the country, foreigners too. Do we find any gold nuggets? Yes of course we do, always something you hardly could live without, NOT.

Below some pics to give a feel what its all about,
Øyunn at 0600 ready to start hunting?
The Norwegian Indian Club always manage collecting a crowd with their bikes, I became a member (I could feel the pressure as a 101 owner), how come owners of old Harleys dont get together like those Injun guys do?
Per`s 39 Knuck make me drool, every time.
A strange bird, Arne`s Indian Motoplane, a litle bit of this and a litle bit of that when designed?
Wonder if this cute Cocker Spaniel was for sale or just fancied the box?

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