mandag 24. oktober 2016

Pic`s from Yesterdaze!

My friend Kåre found this old photo from the early fifties when visiting an old relative who is living in one of the nearby valleys.
This is amazing as I thought in all modesty I knew pretty well by now what Harley`s had been where in my neighborhoods, but no.

This late fourties 45" / 750 cc is most likely a private import from US, maybe the first owner over here bought it when working in the merchant navy?
I like this bike, with the Chevron and rails on the front mudguard, the windshield with a rosette and of course the pennants (the one visible is from Grimstad, like 100km`s from where this photo was captured..

Damned, how am I gonna get some sleep tonight, I will wonder what happened to this old hog.

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