onsdag 15. januar 2014

Work bench for the Boardtracker!

A while back I found two old really well made wooden drawers in a trash container (yes yes I admit it, I always do stretch too look what is inside a dumpster when I pass by one). It is so nice to see old drawers, how they tapped the corners together, rock solid, not as today`s cardboard IKEA stuff.
What do I do with them two drawers, uhhmm!
Ahh, I better get my gear together to finally make a work bench for the boardtracker, at least I can not excuse myself with having to bend my back if by any chance I should feel like working on it.

In old photos from the Harley factory its cool to see how they built the bikes on wooden benches like my own, no hydraulic to lift the bike, lift on, lift off.

2 kommentarer:

  1. This will be a real nice racer . . .

  2. Lars, this project have been going on for soooo long, I need to get it trough, eventually!