mandag 2. august 2010

A-Bombers 2010

What can get someone with just the slightes part of senses to leave their warm cosy home to ride a relic motorbike from 1939 for an entire day in a rain as if heaven decided to let it all go at once??
To continue a journey with no money else than those lent to you by a stranger when your wallet dissappear at a a faraway gas station.
To know your following night will have to be spent without a tent or sleeping bag as the car supposed to bring your stuff breaks down.

An event as A-Bombers sure can, when you get there, wet, cold and tired these are worries soon forgotten by the warm friendship shared between those with the dedication to go there, weather or not. These are people from all over Europe sharing a common interest in the early american vehicles and lifestyle.

How and where did I sleep the first night, I was offered to share the space availiable for two inside a chopped Ford A 1930 roadster with the roof lowered and my riding jacket as a quilt, thanks Lars!!

Decent pictures from the races will have to follow at a later stage as my chief photographer Øyunn took those.

The Bikes, some of:

2 kommentarer:

  1. You always have the best photos...and cool...thanks

  2. Thanks alot for comments. I tell you I didnt feel to brave when I realised I had lost my wallet as I trevel alone and couldn rely on getting gas by any friend.
    Oh well it all turned out OK.
    Please enjoy the last part of images from A-Bombers.