torsdag 19. august 2010

Back in town

Gasp, have just landed from a 12 day motorcycle tour in Western Norway.
Fjords,ferry crossings, mountains where the snow is still not melted along the road, glaciers, stunning views, roads with no traffic, you can camp where ever you want. I dare to say the western part of Norway is as made for motorcycle touring.
A sidecar hack is so practical when touring like this, bringing all you need along for camping.

OK, I did not do this trip by any of my old Harley`s but I really wish to do so.
Maybe next time?
Hope whoever read my blog forgive there is a few peaks of the Beemers.

Camp at Hardangervidda, 1183 meters above sea level

What a small world, when crossing a mountain we met Teun "the crazy Dutcman" which I learned to know some years ago at a motorcycle meet. He is the only person I know doing an average of 100 000km a year on motorcycle!!!!

Sognefjellet, crossing the mountain pass. Glaciers and still snow along the road since last winter.

HDOCN (Harley Owners Club Norway) meet at Gudvangen where the valley is 4-500 meters wide and the mountain above your head at both sides are 11-1200 meters tall. 2 km up the valley a huge part a a cliff calculated to weigh 250000 kg fell from 800 meters down to the valley bottom, no it didnt happen in jurrasic times, it id happen last fall.

Climbing up the mountains from Aurland overviewing the fjord. This single lane road take you from sea level straight up the hill trough a huge number of S curves to approx 1200 meters above sea level. One of my favs.

When traveling the fjords ferries are a great part of getting you from one side to the other. When taking the ferry from Gudvangen to Kaupanger a two hours trip its really cool seeing all these small roadless communities along the fjord where still people live their lifes, no road no noise and most surely no connection to the mobile phone system. Imagine!

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  1. There is nothing to forgive! Beemers have an excellent place in our world, and you've uncovered just one of em! You're a lucky devil for the tour you just came back from. I can only dream....

  2. Chessie, thanks for comment :-)

    You know, what strikes me the most having spent such a period of time away from the eastern/southern parts of this country where most of our population live in larger cities is at what remote places there are people living still, more friendly and service minded than any you would find where I normally belong (even if I live quite country side myself).
    I find for sure its not that 6 mill NOK house and glossy car making one person interesting to talk to but what life they have lived.
    Oh well, just my personal thoughts anyway.
    Will try get posted some cool photos taken from a ferry trip I did on the Sognefjord where there still are smaller communities not connected by road to "the rest of the world".