onsdag 4. august 2010

A-Bombers 2010, The races

OK, got some pics from Øyunn who is the one part of AMcN set up with a decent camera (and the focus to make the best shots), enjoy.

The Race

OK, getting up a hill trough some curved gravel roads as fast as possible doesnt sound to bad? It is bad, it is as bad as it can ever get. Loose gravel, endless rows of bumps and the lane narrowed by the speed itself. You better stay focused not hitting that steel rail.

A thoughtfull Gomball ready to leave camp for racing

World Wide Cycles W&W AG`s team bike. They raced an IOE brought by a Panhead. Cool.

This primed 28 Harley J racer/bobber was really cool and was fast up the hill too. Sound was terriffic, thumbs up!

Engine details of 28 J

Peters Widow Maker, Oh I loved that smell of the racing oil. Like in the old days when speedway was raced on any oval in every town.

Staff waiting for the race to be lined up.

Getting known to the track.

Gomball at speed.

This chap did a excellent first lap ever up the hills.

Vegard and burk slave.

Harley J 1928

W&W, Paul behind the controls

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