torsdag 26. august 2010

Erik the blacksmith master

I seem to remember I`ve presented some of my god friend Erik`s blacksmith work on this blog before.
Went by his shop today as I had been told his latest project was now complete.
Whow!!!, this is a masterpiece of blacksmith work.
A chair, filled with organic forms and it is all borned from one single piece of I-beam from a local shipyard (300kg). Listen, there are no welds on this chair. All parts are cut lose from the beam at one point ore more to be bent to what you see in the pictures.
Tools; tourch, chiesels, heat from the forge and hammers.
This is true art and craftmanship.

OK, 300kgs of I-Beam

Voila, a chair is born

None of all those pieces forming this chair have ever been lose from the original beam. There is a lot of thinking in where to get enough steel from the beem to form the various parts in the chair.

Organic forms in the backrest spine

3 kommentarer:

  1. Total Respect!!!
    Would love to see more pictures!!!
    Who's the Wizzard behind that??

  2. This and some other blacksmith marvels are made by a god motorcycle friend of mine,
    Erik who make his living beeing a blacksmith.
    His last motorcycle project was removing excess weight from his BMW GS wich now is 143 Kg, look at your bike and try to imagine you remove close to half its weight!