søndag 30. november 2014

More Cutdown progress

Made this little table on wheels to be able to work around the chassis during the winter when working.
Spent an afternoon with the foot board rods, they needed to be heated to get back to straight, the old molested 7/16" threads had to be cut off and a hole was drilled and tapped in each end, with threads 3/8"

Finally studs with 3/8"`s and 7/16"`s where made in the lathe with four nuts to make the rods complete. Locktited the 3/8" ends in the rods with 290 to make them stay.

Just a test of how the fork will look on the bike. Forgot to make pics off all the hassle I had with modifying  the lower fork rocker friction dampers to fit the fork rockers (that I had ground to straight in a previous post). Front fork is shortened by an inch, curious to see how this will act when wheel installed.

Rear view, looking good?

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