tirsdag 10. desember 2013

Frame Jig done (almost?)

Got some time today to install the frame to be modified in the jig. While the frame was there I welded up all parts, solid this time.
When applying heat during welding, parts start moving, even if tack welded before the real welding take place. I made spacers between the foot-board rod fasteners and jig brackets, when I loosened the nuts to remove the frame from the jig after welding it had stuck quite hard. After trimming the spacers in the lathe, voila no problem.
I considered making the gearbox plate fastener double, I think the single fastener will do OK.

The support for the rear-wheel fasteners have holes for old position, position 2 where the wheel bolt is moved 1" up and 1/2" forward. 3 position is where I want to go, 1" up and 1" forward. We will see eventually what the result is.Need to look how new piping will act in line with the upper frame tube.

Tomorrow I need to start looking into the fork jobs, shortening the legs, hmm, my cut down better not get limp!

Oops, forgot to mention I found the steering head center line to be 1/4" off. This bike have most likely been abused with a sidecar, my Henderson was close to 1/2" off before I started working on the frame.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice job... Cutdown are best

  2. Eric, happy new Year & thanks for your comment!
    I will try my best in making this IOE special, stay tuned.