mandag 2. desember 2013

Cast Iron

Harley J model cylinders, oh their look is so beautiful but what fragile constructions!
To make them even more a challenge for the restorer Harley have used thread`s for all plumbing installed, as well as on the ring securing the inlet valve cage.
Today`s task; removing all plumbing without disturbing them threads. Disturbed threads, someone way back in time had already disturbed the inlet cage ring threads on one cylinder, repaired by an over sized homemade ring. Good to know there are several different sized rings available from Thunman Tools in Sweden, was going to order some other parts from him anyway.

To ease the work with the cylinders I chose to make an adapter plate where the cylinder is mounted. Then the plate is secured in the vise rather than the cylinders. As I have ground both sides of the plate to be parallel, it allows me to use this in the cylinder bore where it is hard to mount the J cylinders in line with the bore stem.

For sure, back in the days Harley didnt pay any attention to gas flow into the heads of the IOE cylinder, check out the before and after pic from the inlet port! No more 90 degree angles !
I will taste and smell cast iron dust for days!!

Got this beautiful new 44 tooth rear sprocket from Phil in the US, very good workmanship!!

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