torsdag 21. november 2013

More carburation

Blew the carb with glas after grinding off all the welds, this give the look of one cast part.
Sprayed the entire carb body with heat resistant silver color, this to match the M88 Linklert carb bowl to be used.

Kind of funny, a new Linkert M88 throtle disc shaft and bushings, small screws and more fit the 20 years older Schebler DLX, huray for conservative thinking, when something works there is no need for modernizing.

The DLX-20 was used on both the 61 & 74"`s (1000 & 1200cc), when looking  into the details for the carb manifold and inlet nipples for each off the engines there are interesting differences. The manifold inlet diameter is matced to the DLX carb on the 74", but the inlet nipples in the heads have a much larger inside diameter than the manifoild outlets, hence there is a step and I would think turbulence is created.

The 61" manifold have a smaller inlet diameter than the 74" manifold, this is a restriction of the flow that creates turbulence. The manifold outlet on a 61" is smaller than the 74"`s manifold, still the nipples in the heads have close to the same inside diameter as the 74" manifold.

Conclusion of all this, using a 74" manifold with the DLX-20 on a 61" with its inlet nipples will give a pretty much even surface that is tapered inwards at roughly 5 degrees, slight decreasing all the way from the carb inlet to the valve cage.

Yes, yes I know the 74" inlet valve and valve pocket is slightly bigger, still I think the 61" inlet valve will work with a 74" manifold, if it was machined to fit. Eventually practice will show if any off this makes sense, I better get the lathe to cut off some high quality Harley steel.

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  1. Thanks mate, this will be a "just for fun" kind of bike!

    The poster was great