tirsdag 5. november 2013


Hah, so you thought I was just busy to relax since there was no action on the blog. You couldnt be more wrong.
Since I came home from the rig, there have been to few hours, far too few.

I have now officially started a new project. New, that is not all truth. It is a older project, namely the "Cutdown" project that started a few years ago. Now its serious business!

Have spent hours digging in my stash to finde the best cylinders, crank case, rods, gearbox etc etc.
To my surprise, (negative), many of my parts in the stash boxes are crap. Why on earth did I years ago spend money on all them rotten Harley J parts???

The engine will be a 61" (1000cc), based mostly on parts from 26 & 27.
I want an engine with light flywheels, high compression and it will be hopped up, a lot.
Wait and see!

Will try to post frequently along the project as I did with Bessie. I promise to!

As I have spent a lot of time in the workshop, I found it was due time to get my old Sunnen hone restored.
I have been collecting a couple of Sunnen LB Rod hones and a bunch of gear for those. Allso had a AMCO hone that I was given for free, a really neat machine, far better looking than the Sunnen, what a pity there are no tools for those to find on e-bay.
Having collected the lot of honing gear in the workshop I realized the AMCO bottom part with an intgrated cooling tank would be great if matched with a Sunnen.

Got one of my contacts to burn out a steel plate that could be machined to make this possible.

I personally find the result is very good (modest eh?).

In the community where I live there is a population of roughly 12000 people. In a short time I have found two Panhead engines here, in deep dark cellars, forgotten and molested.
Now they both have come to my home, where they will be appreciated.
The funny thing though is, if there is an average of two Panhead engines among every 12000 people in Norway, there should be roughly 800 Panhead engines throughout the country that is waiting for me, ha ha!!!
Watch out!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.


AMCO bottom & Sunnen LB Rod hone

Making a wooden template for cross over plate

Sunnen LB machine before restoration

SL mandrels in various dimensions

Truing sleeves

All in parts

Coming apart to be cleaned and inspected

Its red again

Sunnen lamp, classic US industrial lamp

Steel plate ready to be machined

AMCO cooling pump and transformer

Done deal!!

Next project is now on the workbench.

Ready to start


Clutch sprocket and bearing from Mark at Linkcycles

Offset inlet rocker arms

New flywheels from Truett & Osborne and a jiffy stand from Michael Breeding

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  1. schnell, schnell - der Winter ist kurz ;-))


  2. Andreas, many thanks for your comment. I know, I know the winter is short. And the summer is short and and, even life is short when we have fun with our old motorcicles.


  3. porn porn porn hehe nice jobs and parts as usual