tirsdag 19. november 2013


Had a Schebler DLX 20 amongst a bunch of other brass in a bucket. This is a carb correct for the 1921-24 61" & 74" (1000 & 1200cc) according some, other tell 24 to 27, anyway it will work on my 61" (1000cc) and I didnt wanna "ruin" either my spare DLX 38 nor 45.
The size of the DLX 20 is spot on towards the 1927 61" manifold, no internal misalignment to inhibit the gas flow.

Choke is for pussies, you only need the palm of a hand, and the DLX 20 is cool as it have a low speed needle with three preset steps bringing the low speed out, as on later models where this is automatically done by the choke cam.

OK I admit having admired the beautifully crafted racing Likert`s made by Andrew at Antique Speed & Machine. I wanted my own DLX 20 to look as if made for racing, and if I am lucky, adding a longer inlet cone could increase the inlet flow.
OK, at least it looks cool!!

Below is a few pics from today`s work.

Tomorrow I need to solder plugs in the old choke shaft holes, there will be some filing work on the solder and finally I will blast the carb to give an overall cast finish, cant wait to complete this one.

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