søndag 19. oktober 2014

More Cutdown progress

Have spent another bunch of hours in the workshop playing with the cutdown project.

Spent many hours in modifying the original seat T bar and making a front fastener for the Racing seat to fit the T.
Wanted the seat position slightly forward compared to the original bucket seat. Another issue is to get the seat lower than original to get center of gravity lowered.
Still get some rear fasteners for the seat as paper models only, will have to transform them to metal tomorrow.

Due to the modifications to the rear frame the mudguard need to be modified too, to get a correct radius towards the wheel. Another couple of hours scratching my head, think I have solved the problem. Still need to decide what length the rear mudguard will get.
I`m using the early style fenders as they add to the slim fit along with the narrow peashooter fuel tank, will have to decide if there is going to be a front mudguard too.

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