lørdag 6. desember 2014

Front brake for Cutdown

I want my Cutdown to have front brake. Front brake was implemented in 28 to the IOE models from HD. This meant they made a brake anchor plate to wrap around the left leg of the rear front fork and "invented" a hub with a drum riveted to.
I have one of those anchor plates and a 28 front hub with drum, rare as hen teeth those hubs (well almost), unfortunately the drum on mine have issues with severe pitting, ouch.

From a friend I got an early thirties HD front wheel with brake, full of mud and grease, but behind all of this a nice part and it looks very much as the original 28/29 JD brake, except from!

There is always this except from!

The width is what makes the 28/29 so different, it is very narrow to get in between the fork legs of the IOE fork, the early thirties will not fit, unless.

Unless it get cut in two half`s, and shortened, hmm.

If someone need the early thirties one and have a 28/29 they better hurry up, I will swap!

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