tirsdag 23. desember 2014

What is the length of a rope?

What is the length of a rope?
A old saying which is commonly used when trying to describe a measurement which is uncertain.

Then it is far more easy to determine; "What is the length of a Harley cutdown front mudguard"?

The recipe is as follows:
Take one HD rear mudguard, preferably an original. Cut one piece to fit what you find is the correct length for the rear mudguard, what is left is what you have for the front.
Quite easy?

Having straightened umpteen bends and dents, it now in a brief glimpse looks like a mudguard again.
Next task is to start welding the total of 24 holes someone through time have found necessary to drill in a mudguard length of 16", hey ho work for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day, Merry Christmas to all!

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