lørdag 7. mars 2015

American Motorcycles Norway / Pics from Yesterdaze

This proud young gentleman is dressed in the latest motorcycle fashion and ready to take off on his dark green Excelsior from the Schwinn factory in Chicago.

Bike is equipped with acetylene lights front and rear, manual Klaxon horn is located such that sudden braking should be avoided. This is an early photo, easily recognizable as there is registration plate only at front of the bike.
That the Schwinn water transfer decal on the primary cover is still intact tells us the bike is pretty fresh from the shop.

Another pic of this beautiful Excelsior motorbike. The rider with his back towards the camera observe his mates checking out his ride.
This is one lucky lad!

D-1593 - a small Cleveland two stroke motorcycle is all this local farmer needs to get to town.

Two lucky couples out for a ride on their Injun Motocycles.
One of the Ms`s ride the sidecar, the other on the pillion seat of those early PP models. This is another early photo, front bike have no reg plate at rear, the combination have reg plate on the sidecar, both are details from the early years of Norwegian motorcycle sport.

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  1. I lost your blog but finally found it again. HOORAY!
    Jim A., Tucson, Arizona, USA