mandag 23. mars 2015

Getting ready for a new season

Pooh! Spring is coming closer so fast. I just realized I had a lot of work to be done to my bikes and Bessie girl was the first in line.
Had a pair of new Allstate Diamond tires for her, got them (and several more) from Takushi in Japan, thanks a lot.
I have already driven roughly 8000 km`s on Bessie in two summers since I completed the restoration.
As usual when there are no troubles I just ride, though I know I should have paid some attention to maintenance along the way.
Anyway, starting at rear working my way to the front I think all the issues are now taken care of.
The most surprising find was the amount of slack in the steering head bearings, I am really surprised this have happened and even more I havent noticed along the way during braking etc.
Another issue is I find there are quite a bit of depositions in the bottom of the oil tank around the magnet plug that I have used as a replacement for the drain plug. To make sure there was no issues I removed the timing cover checking the internal dirt traps. They was both OK, everything else looked find in there too, still I am a bit alerted.
Will try to change oil more often this summer.

Who is the next in line? Oh well, I  will not run out of work.

"A bikers work is never done"

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