mandag 22. juni 2015

Generator issues and the joy of the three brush 32E

Ouch, its easy to forget.
Last year when on my way to the Fucker Chopper fest in Sweden I got a generator issue. The commutator on the armature had got a burned spot, was like two segments had suffered from overheating.
Solved the charging issue then by grinding carefully with some sandpaper.
Well, the other night there was no more charging, and when removing the generator I found the armature had become real worse on the same spot, ouch, was to much to be saved by re-cutting.
Had to install a spare armature I had received from Perry, the Canadian 32E generator expert.
I did also get a chance to use my generator testing gear (made this during the winter), cool to see it all working in the lathe prior to installing on the bike.

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