mandag 15. juni 2015

Norwegian mountains in June!

OK folks, time for some blogging.

Finally the southern parts of Norway have faced some decent weather, it was on due time.

Those whom still not believe in the climate changes have got some easy earned points this spring, our May was the coldest in decades, and still it is bloody cold even if at last there is sun.
A positive side effect of this rather cold spring weather is the snow in the mountains dont melt as fast as in a "normal year".

Last Thursday I woke up to "that great weather" and decided to go for a long ride with my ol Panhead girl Bessie. My goal was to climb the Brokke - Suleskard mountain pass, a 400km`s ride.
They normally open this mountain pass in the end of May, this year it was postponed by almost a week, i was really curious to see how much snow there was still along the roads in the mountains.

I was not be disappointed as I found it to be still up to 10 meters of snow along the roads.

Hey folks, 10 meters of snow along the road, we are talking about June, it is supposed to be summer!!

Enjoy some pics from this great ride on my old Panhead girl, she did not disappoint me, run like a Swiss watch the entire trip.

Having climbed the worst hills in second, I`m ready to stretch out in third into the mountains, serious amounts of snow ahead.

Still climbing, Setesdal ( the valleys) is now far behind.

OK, I thought this was pretty cool and stopped for a photo with Bessie and the snow, there would be more further on.

OK, now we are talking of serious amounts of snow, each side of the single lane road have those walls along the ride.

When riding alone its always pics of bike only, believe it or not, in the middle of the mountains this young couple (Dutch/German) came walking, "WALKING", OK they didnt mind taking a couple of photos with me and Bessie and snow.

For those of you who wondered, YES it was cold.

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