lørdag 22. august 2015

Gravel Endurance run

Gravel road endurance run poster!

Here are a selection of pics from me and some from my mates:

We are starting from Villy`s place just outside of Søgne. Luckily there are country roads avaliable from all sides of town to get there, its no good these days to ride a 80 years old motorbike on the highway. 

Cay on his Chief bobber and Odd on the support Guzzi behind.

Svein`s Vespa, Erik`s BSA, my De-luxe and Cay`s Indian.

Villy didnt care for a stop, the Zundapp KS 750 is a good choose for gravel roads.

Rune and 1927 J model Harley.

Second stop for food & refuel (coffee and tea), Rune looks pleased with the run so far.

Ready for take off.

We did it, lined up outside my workshop.

Cay`s back. Is this why it is so cool with a chopped rear fender?

Gravel I

Gravel II

Along the river towards Fuskeland.

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