fredag 25. september 2015

A-Bombers 2015, The ride

OK, things seems to have come out of hand with this blogging.
As I am currently back offshore and the rig seem to work as intended without to much problems, I will try to recapture some of the events where AMcN have been present.
This might not necessarily be in a chronological order, but still.

First out, two pics from our ride down to A-Bombers. I rode my Bessie from south Norway to Oslo where I teamed up with Patrick on his Matchless 500. The two of us rode further down to Østfold where we met Ronald and his friend on their 37 W 45"`s. After crossing the Swedish border Patrick (the foreigner) showed us some great small country roads to ride, at times so small that the Panhead had a problem catching up with the three smaller bikes.

Ronald and bikes.

The wild ones in Halden.

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