fredag 25. september 2015

Out for a ride

Riding, that is what the vintage bike interest is all about to me.
If you do a good job during the restoration of an old bike, you can enjoy years of riding when your finally done.
Like my WL bobber, I have ridden that bike for 8-9 years now after completion. I have been as far south as Sancerre - France when at Linkert Attack in 2012, and I have had numerous rides in the mountains in Southern Norway.
Of course oils need to be replaced, breaker points too, and general service needs to be carried out, but other than that; no worries - go riding.
This summer have been crappy for the most, rain and wind from North. Then a good trip on the bike in great weather is even more valuable. Below is some photos from what I find being one of the best trips this summer, not that long a ride, just 250km`s in a day, still just GREAT!

In a canyon like this there is a limited time of the day with real sun light.

Looking across one of the larger inland lakes.

Spotted this old bridge across a river, it was really "alive" when I rode to the other side. Its steel construction was all riveted, real black smith work from days gone by. Discovered a gravel road I had never ridden before!

Another bridge across the same river further down in the valley. This one is crossing the river canyon just a few meters above an amazing waterfall. The center of the bridge is supported on an enormous rock that have got stuck in the canyon during the ice age.

A view of this cool bridge and the rock it is resting  to.

Below the bridge is the waterfall and more of this pretty rough canyon.

Another view of the big rock stuck in the river canyon.

Road behind the bridge. This is a truly amazing dead end gravel road, climbing steep up the hill with a bunch of serpentine curves. No rails, just a rock every now and then between yourself, the bike and the deep canyon.

Having finished the ride down this valley I got to an end of a fjord that is connected to the sea.
Due to algae this fjord have a very special green color, at certain times of the year water looks as if it is not real.
Now the temperature both in the air and in the sea water was perfect for a swim, and due to the amount of algae there was no burning jellyfishes who are a pester when swimming in the sea during summer.

Clothes off!

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