fredag 25. september 2015

Harleysons gathering in Dinkelsbühl

Back in July Øyunn and I was invited by our friend Fritz @ to join a Harleysons party and to visit the historic town Dinkelsbuhl during the "Childrens festival", or "Kinderzeche" as it is named in German.
The wekeend in Dinkelsbuhl was such a great time, many many thanks to Fritz who organized a fantastic experience for us.
Dinkelsbuhl, this medieval town that was saved from destruction during WWII is like a living museum where people actually live their every day lives.
Dinkelsbuhl is also where Fritz and his Harleysons accomplices Christoph offers classic german "bonbons" in their shop "Tante Emma".

Not far from the city wall is Fritz`s place and the location of the Harleysons club house. The Harleysons club house is like entering a time capsule, it is like stepping back to the thirties when Paul Weyres was a motorcycle race ace with his Harleys.

To be able to look through some of the historic race photos in Fritz collection is like a vitamin injection to me, to continue searching for old photos from the Scandinavian motorcycle race scene.

A hectic weekend with good friends, thanks to Fritz and Harleysons buddies for making this true.

The boss at the Frankfurt airport train station.

Dinkelsbuhl, a part of the city wall.

"Kinderzeche" in Dinkelsbuhl

Tante Emma, the Bonbon shop with a taste of Harley`s

Scenery from Dinkelsbuhl

Dinkelsbühl, Zum kleinen Obristen where we spent a night, super nice.

What amazing buildings to see

Friday night people gather in town to drink beer and dance.  

The dance.

Cristoph serves weissbier, good stuff.


The archives, Fritz, Paul, me and Norbert

Next HD to be restored?

Norbert listen to a humming Wichita

Wichita, Fritz, Norbert, me and Paul

Fritz and Øyunn

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