fredag 10. august 2018

A-Bombers old style weekend in Backamo - Sweden

Finally some serious road action with my Harley Davidson 1939 EL. Decided to go to A-Bombers Old style weekend in Backamo - Sweden with friends Rune and Svein.
To make the riding more enjoyable we decided to stretch the trip and ride trough Telemark on loads of single lane rods, then turning down east towards Sandefjord to catch a ferry to Strømstad - Sweden.
GF Øyunn had to work Friday, hence she would come along by car from Oslo to join us in Backamo.

A few photos from the trip and A-Bombers;

Arriving at camp site in Lunde - Telemark late Thursday evening, yes we are to sleep afloat at the cottage behind Rune.

Hans, both shaken and stirred from the bumpy Telemark roads.


Lining up at Backamo.

Two times EL 39.

Campground at Backamo.

Tottes Widow Maker, wild one!

Panhead transportation by Knucklehead, how cool is that!

Tail light, Rat Fink?

Paul W&W, me and Øyunn.

Ready for hill climb action.

Paul and Knuckle before the start.

After race, Vegard and son went all the way just for the race.

Heading home!

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