onsdag 13. oktober 2010

Vintage style Motorcycle racing jerseys

As a result of my blogspot activities I came in contact with a enthusiastic Frenchman; Fred aka ketchWRMc (yes he is driving a Harley WR at local club races) who is running a small bussiness in providing the classic motorcyclists with vintage style racing jerseys. Those are jerseys where you can select your logo front and back to show the world what bike you ride and or what club you hang out with.
His bussines website is found at;
French only as is, but just looking at the pictures will tell the look and quality of their products, the De-Luxe jersey, made for motorcyclists.

OK, the need of jerseys have been there for quite a while among some of my friends as well as myself and I made Fred a order that in a short time got me a huge parcel on my frontdoor steps.

Anyone local innterrested, let me know by mail and I can assist in getting hold of Fred.
Prices? You want this jersey anyway!

Indian Jersey for our friend Villy who will have to wear this whenever he ride his Chief

Super X for me, need to speed up that restoration.

Our friend Rune drives, ehh have a guess.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wondering if any of these are available for sale email is gregoryredelicoii@gmail.com phone is 480 334 3780

  2. I want to order a jersey. I can't make contact with Fred through his website. Please have him contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

  3. hello http://deluxe-jersey.com/ the French site is no longer available ... you have a contact with them?