tirsdag 14. desember 2010

Dressing up

Damned its winter here in ol Norway. Have been 10-24 degree C below for three weeks now. This slowly kreep into your walls and in the end all you do is sticking a new piece of firewood into the oven. Its not comfy working in the lathe at 4-6 degrees C, "but a man got to do" etc.
Have fiddled with the Pan for a couple of evenings, just getting an idea what it will look like eventually.

Slightly modified Superior upsweep muffler, thanks a lot Rondoggie

A pair of blue Doray`s tucked inbetween the rearbumper, had to tailor a bracket for those. Making the rear bumper is more work than one would think before starting at it.

Got this Buco shield in "as new" condition from Tim who used to run his Chief with this for years and years, thanks a lot man for taking such great care of this piece.

Had to tailor a pair of fasteners for the handlebars.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Not only Norway has a strong Winter. Also here in Germany we hv Lots of snow and its lousy cold. Not a good time for wrenching in the Garage. Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas, brrr 20 below this morning and I am down with a cold and fewer.
    I better crawl back into my bed.
    Thanks for comment.