onsdag 22. desember 2010

Greetings to all of you!!

AMcN wish all those great people from all around the world having visited this blog trough 2010 a Merry Christmas & a Happy New year.
A special thanks to those making a comment and another special thanks to the owners of all great blogs in our "neighbourhood" on the www.

Take care
Sverre & Øyunn

3 kommentarer:

  1. Merry Cristmas from Arendal, like your site.
    Can`t see this blog on your watch list: http://thevintagent.blogspot.com/

    Why not ?? :-D


  2. Hi Morten, thanks for christmas greetings, from Arendal. Just around the corner from me like, great.
    The Vintagent is one great blog indeed which I follow. If you look around at the Vintagent you will see my comments, it is found in my www link list below the Selvedgeyard link.
    Feel free to e-mail me on sve***ger@online.no (remove the ***`s).
    Wish you a happy new year.

  3. Hope you all had a good Christmasand all the best in 2011

    cheers Iain