lørdag 18. desember 2010

Garage visit

Its winter, WINTER outside. More than 50cm (20") of snow from above so far today. Lets agree, showeling snow is an excersise one easily could live without.

Looking outside make one dream on sunny days, motorbiking or getting some work done in the garage.

Talking on garages, some garages stand out of the crowd - by far.
Not only because there are rare bikes hardly seen but even more as of the atmosphere therein, the fact that those relics displayed in there are used and abused as if the owner have not realised that they are antiques. Most others would leave them for display and getting to know them from when rubbing a rag over their polished chrome details, not this guy.
In this garage is such a lot of knowledge and dedication in details I find it hard not to share some pics taken during a visit a couple of months ago, enjoy,

30ìes VL in Police trim

WR replica and DL racer

37 W in all original condition

B&H shifter all set up for quick action shifting when racing

There is nothing like original paint

Spikes in the front tire for ice racing

WL bobber

Slim lines

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great to see inside other peoples garages. Some very nice as used bikes, the way they should be.

  2. Theres some nice repro police speaker shells here:

  3. Charlie, thanks for your tip. I hadnt seen that site before. Its now added to my links list.
    Kawa I fully agree :-)

    Take care

  4. Some very nice bikes. Nearly makes me want to go out to my garage in the freezing cold and start tinkering...