onsdag 22. juni 2011

Bedrock # 10 traveling in Denmark

OK, Bedrock # 10 is history. We loved it and will try to go there again. The worst weather forecasts one could imagine was brought to shame, at least where we drove. Felt like Moses in the desert at times driving the small roads trough Denmark seeing rainstorms and lightning nearby without feeling the water at all. My gloves didnt get wet at the entire trip, 750km`s and the old WL bob job purred easily (no wonder, the Danes hardly have no hills. Its flat out for ever). Øyunn with her BMW had to carry most of the stuff needed to camp, aint that what we have modern bikes for?

Hard to choose what pics to post, I feel there is so many that tell what Bedrock was like.
I start of with some pics from our trip getting there.

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