mandag 13. juni 2011

Casting time (finally)

A couple of days ago I finally managed to grab a hold of both myself and Totto my casting specialist, more spesifically his profession is named "Gjørtler" in Norwegian whatever that might be in the english language. A Gjørtler is casting his works in sand.
My goals for a day with Totto was to reproduce some Zenith Tx4 Henderson De-luxe carburetor parts. Those carbs have a ventury body made of cast iron and a ventury made of potmetal, an aluminium or zinc alloy of poor quality. As the potmetal expands heavily when the old Henderson is resting in a moisty barn it gets the cast iron body to crack, hence there is always a need for ventury bodies.
To be able to reproduce any parts its important to blank of all holes and repair any wear to ensure the slip is allowing the plug to leave the sand without ruining its imprint.

Tottos workshop is a place with what I like to describe as in "english tidiness", hrmm sorry if offending anyone. Anyway, he knows where his stuff is still and its just great to spend a day making parts from molten metal.

As melting bronze takes time I convinced us in making a bunch of star trims (oh yes those damned expencive Bucos too, you see them on e-pay) for my Panhead dresser job, now resting as time is needed elsewhere.

Oh by the way, if anyone need a pair of those large Buco stars let us know as there might be some more coming along.

Thanks a lot Totto for a great day.

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