lørdag 26. november 2011

Garage visit I

Sometimes it is good for your inspiration visiting others addicted to the same hobby as yourself, old motorcycles in general and Harley Davidsons in particular.
A few days ago I attended a work related conferense in the western parts of Norway, finnishing early ment there was time to visit my friend Tor`s place. His life is all about Harley Davidsons and if there ever is going to be a TV quiz related to "what fits where and what year is this part for" on a Harley Davidson, Tor would win, no doubt on that.
Tor is dead a dead serious collector of HD Accessories catalogs, I think he have the whole bunch of them, and he have pretty much of what is in them as well. Tor fancy all that "bling" you could fit to your Pan or Knuck, loads of it.

He is the only one I know owning a pair of Harley siblings, two original paint AMF electra glides with subsequent engine numbers, the only two sold in Norway that year, oh my!
His 1933 VL in original condition is a rare bird indeed, you have to go as far back as 1910 to find a year when Milwaukee produced less bikes than in 1933 when all markets suffered badly from the great depression.
Well, enjoy a few snaps from inside Tor`s cave.

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