onsdag 23. november 2011

Offset springer repair II

OK, this is a pretty late update on the repair of my 48 Panhead fork. Brought my fork and the jig to Eriks forge. I really enjoy beeing in Eriks forge when he and his apprentice Odin do their work as blacksmith`s. Coal, fire, flames, heat and steel soft as butter which is allowed to be shaped of their skilled hands, these are epic moments.

Old legs had to be ground out of the main casting, not as much work as I would have believed at first. Supposedly they where to be secured by pins, didn`t find any. Then the new legs from Matt & Carl Olsen where soldered in place by Erik, this when the fork was placed in the jig to ensure it coming back together straight.
When the joints had cooled the lower part of the fork was made loose, just slightly. Then both fork legs where spot heated on the outside of the tubes just below the main casting, then again allowed to cool down. This cause the outside of the tubes where heated to shrink which in turn removed any tension that the fork legs had got towards the spacer sleeve at the bottom of the jig. Voila fork is as god as new :-), tough still partly original.

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