onsdag 22. februar 2012

Panhead Panhead Panhead Panhead

OK, I`ve been a real slacker with my blogging lately, luckily though not that slack with my Panhead project.

Got both heads and my cases welded, heads suffered from wear caused by rattling exhaust pipes and a broken upper motor mount, cases had chips broken off.

To get them exhaust ports back to shape I was lucky enough to be able to lend an old CNC mill with operator at a local machine shop Br. Mangseth AS, boy do I want one of these for next Christmas. I see umpteen different solutions to make stuff I didnt even know I needed with such a tool :-)

Then there is this work that I hate with every project, Finnish. Boy do I hate the smell of Bondo, sticcking to my fingers and all tools involved in trying to get that shit into the old steel, like mudguards etc.
Not to forget sanding that damned bondo, leaving every square mm of your workshop covered with dust, argh.
Just wish I could afford to rent someone to do that time consuming pine of a job.

OK OK, its way cool when you finally get them ol parts back from the painter, all fresh and shining bright, its almost worth the hassle of bondo, almost.

My painter this time is awesome with his eye for details in his job, its just great.

Got my frame zink primed, will never rust, ever. Needs a bit of rubbing and then off to the painter too.

Ehhr, did I mention the theme is black this year? I promise there is no black as black as this black, we are talking Black-black.
And I suggest you go and study the variations of black (they are umpteen to say the least) in ultra-violet light, you will be amazed!!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. It works pretty good don't it!!!

  2. That is really black. It's so black that when I turned off my office light, the black part disappeared! Everything looks great!
    Good luck, Jim A., Tucson, AZ

  3. Bob, for sure did the CNC mill do the job, still quite a bit of personal judgement was needed to aligne the head prior to start milling.

    Granpa, I`m glad to know the parts dissapeared with lights off :-)

  4. Must be ready for Linkert Circus !!


  5. Mungochino! I wish I wish tough I doubt so.