søndag 21. oktober 2012

Chemistry is a messy business

I am slow, a slacker, sometimes.
My friend Geir is restoring a just beautiful FN OHV from the late twenties (Its actually my fault as I pushed him onto the project).
A loooong time ago he asked if I could nickel plate some smaller partts for his engine, yeah sure, no problem.
And then time is going, and there is always something else to do and poor Geir is one of those that neither begs nor yell out, just patiently wait.
Oh well, this weekend my conscience told me to get it going in the nickel plating department, this as well as the fact that none have so far been able to have a bath in my recently refurbished bathroom, this as some home made fittings where still missing(yes you read those words, home made fittings).

I bet there are more folks than me who know the feeling of satisfaction when something you have promised way to long is finally done?

Enclosing a pic of my partially home made bath tub faucet from the late teens and its home made stainless tig-welded post. This now makes it possible to relaxe in my 1912 Norwegian-made cast-iron bath tub.

Why make it simple?
Then we would all ride Japanese or a BMW R1200 GS!!!

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  1. Slutar adrig förvånas och imponeras över denna mans kunskaper och engagemang.

    Rice on