søndag 28. oktober 2012

First snow, winter is here

Desember is supposedly the first month of winter, still today we faced the first snowfall.
When I know they will now start polluting public roads with salt, I realise the 2012 motorcycle season have come to an end.

Still I feel like I have managed to stretch this season well.

Had one great ride Wednesday when Henning asked me to join on a ride into the countryside. Sun, but still cold as temperatures have been below the freezing point at night for quite a while. Henning rode his most moderrn bike, a customized Suzuki offroad, well it might be more correct to explain the bike as minimized, rather than customised?
Anyway, my pick was easy, the "not so dirty nine" W as this have a sheep fur cover on the seat, its just great when the temperature fall towards freezing.

Reached home just before darkness, a great ride.

Yeasterday night we had 8 degree celcius below, still Friday showed up with blue skies, and a phone call from Villy. He wanted to have a last trip on his Chief before it would be left to hibernation.
OK, both me and my W where ready for another day on the road, after all there was only a couple of degrees below in the shade.

Upon Villys arrival it appeared he had been joined by an odd team of riders, all keen on stretching the season to the limit.
On Russian K750 sidehack, a Chinese ChangJiang bobber, oh yes baby, nothing less than a Chinese bob-job and finally a Jap bike off less interest.

What a strange company touring local country roads that day, two old US made V twins, a Russian sidehack, a Chinese bobber and finally a Japanese racing bike.

This time we did find ice on the roads, had to be pretty carefull when riding in the shadow, still a fantastic day.

And now snow, god grief i already miss summer!

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