søndag 7. oktober 2012

Dixie Distribution

Today is a rather quiet day at work, make me start dreaming.

One of them places I wish I had been at in time is the abandoned building of the Dixie Distribution Company (Inc) in Springfield Oh, once a thriving aftermarket motorcycle parts dealer.

Now the building have been locked of for years and years, still according to those I have learned to know that have been inside the building it used to be like an Alladins cave for anyone interested in NOS Harley parts and periodic custom parts like Superior mufflers, and more.

Much of them 50-70ìes Harley custom and aftermarket goodies that have been found on e-bay for years now have come out of this building trough the hands of a selected few being allowed to search in there.

After all I am happy the owner of all these goodies didn’t just call the recyclers, that is what have happened in god ol Norway with many an old inventory through the 30 years I`ve been bitten by the old bike bug.

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