mandag 8. juli 2013


June have been a month where things didnt work out as planned, and weather have in general been crappy, according to the news the worst in 15 years!!!
Linkert, didnt get there!
Bike was packed up and ready to catch the morning ferry to Denmark at 0645 sunday morning 23 of June. Just checking the e-mail before going to bed there is an e-mail from DFDS!
What the Fu¤/¤#k?
The ferry trip from Esbjerg to Harwich is cancelled!
The fu¤%#&ing ferry hit the dock in Harwich and almost sank, will not go in two weeks. I cant beleive it is true.
DFDS offer me a ticket from Calee to Dover as a replacement, thanks a lot (NOT).
I might be a pussy, but facing 1400km`s in rain, I throw in the hanky, I missed the last? UK Linkert, Arghhh!

Having seen the pics from Linkert on various blogs, I sure missed a great event!!

So what to do then?

In between and in rain showers we rode a great mountain tour, even the snow had rained away and the Linkert weekend me and Rune went to an Nimbus meet (Yes we where the only two Harleys) where I got drunk, seriously so. I think my mood made this happen.
Beleive it or not, Sunday morning we rode home in sun!!

The last couple of days weather have changed, its sun and the local lakes have become hot enough for an evening swim, life feels less crappy now.

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