tirsdag 19. juli 2016

39 Knucklehead

When I bought my 39 Knuck it still had a stainless steel exhaust system made by its first owner. This was a good looking job, but unfortunatley the pipes from the cylinder heads and down to the muffler had a slightly smaller diameter than the original ones, this in its turn allowed fresh air to be drawn into the exhaust system unless there was a good portion of "gun gum" added.

Made a new front mudflap, now in leather. Correct in shape & size as an original supplied from HD back in the days.

There was two quite big holes drilled in the front mudguard. Most likely this have been for the reg. plates when they had to be both front and rear. Used one of the holes to add this little fender ornament that had been laying around in my workshop for years.

Finally the old Buco windshield is 100% done. My better half made me a very nice looking lower part for it in a modern material looking very much like canvas. I added an old Buco star in the red section (because they are so cool).


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